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Lillington, North Carolina

Community on the Cape Fear

Public Works

The Mission of the Public Works Department is to provide the highest quality public works services to all stakeholders, while effectively maintaining and developing the public infrastructure, facilities and other public services in order to achieve common social, economic, and environmental goals.

The Public Works Department is comprised of eleven (11) staff members, which are responsible for five (5) divisions: Water, Sewer, Sanitation, Street, and Public Buildings.

The department is charged with the responsibility of maintaining more than thirty-five (35) miles of distribution lines, twenty-seven (27) miles of sewer mains and force mains, six hundred (600) manholes, thirty-six (36) miles of local streets, fifteen (15) miles of sidewalk and curb and gutter, and thirty (30) miles of grass medians and shoulders. Other duties include bulk item pickup, limb and leaf collection, cleaning catch basins, and maintaining fifteen (15) miles of wooded right of ways.

The department's success is accomplished through the prudent use of resources, technology, innovations, teamwork, and coordination with other service providers of the Town of Lillington.