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Lillington, North Carolina

Community on the Cape Fear

Flatwoods Rural Fire District

In 2013, the Town of Lillington was awarded the rural fire protection contract for the Flatwoods District by the Harnett County Commissioners.  The Lillington Fire Department combined department staffs and has assumed responsibility for providing fire protection services to the rural district.  The Lillington Town Council also recommended lowering the fire tax for the district from $0.15 to $0.12 for 2013.  This recommendation was enthusiastically approved by the Harnett County Commissioners for FY2014-2015.  

The Lillington Fire Department has also successfully improved the Flatwoods Rural Fire District insurance rating from a 9s to 4/9s in the first year of service.  The insurance rating of 4 applies to properties currently located within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant.  Lillington Fire is currently working to initiate a hydrant deployment project to lower the remaining portions of the Flatwoods District to a 4 rating.