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Lillington, North Carolina

Community on the Cape Fear

Keeping Chickens (Hens)

(A)  A maximum of six (6) hens (Gallus gallus domesticus) will be allowed per household.

(B)  No Roosters or other poultry breeds will be permitted.

(C)  No free-ranging permitted, hens must be kept in a chicken coop or enclosed runs at all times and are not permitted to roam freely on the Owner’s lot.

(D)  The location of the coop and enclosed run must be in the rear of the Owner’s lot as determined by the line projected along the rear of the dwelling to each sideline and be 20 feet away from the adjoining Lots.

(E)  The coop and enclosed run may not exceed ten feet (10’) in length and ten feet (10’) in width.

(F)  Coop design should provide ample ventilation to avoid odors and be made predator proof.

(G)  All manure and wood shavings from the coop must be disposed of properly by removing off-site by the owner or professional removal service.

(H)  Prior to beginning coop and enclosure construction, a Land Use application shall be submitted and approved by the Zoning Administrator, for all coop and run designs.

(I)  The Code Enforcement officer, and its designees, has the right to enter onto a property for the purpose of inspecting  coop and run to ensure compliance with these requirements. The home owner will be notified no less than three days prior to the inspection date and has the right to be present during the inspection

(J)  Owners who are determined to be in violation may be allowed to correct the violation(s) and/or be subject to a fine, as per the Town’s code. Daily penalties will be assessed in the event that the violation(s) continue. The Town may revoke this privilege if an Owner has had three or more violations during one calendar year.