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Lillington, North Carolina

Community on the Cape Fear

Purpose and Intent

The purpose of this chapter is to provide and define authority of the Harnett County Animal Control department within the towns of Angier, Coats, Erwin and Lillington. Harnett County Animal Control now has charge of protecting the citizens of these towns from rabies transmitted by unconfined, uncontrolled or un-immunized animals, to regulate animals that may be a nuisance, to insure that all animals are treated in a humane manner and in the promotion of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. Harnett County Animal Control in cooperation with the towns of Angier, Coats, Erwin and Lillington are hereby charged with the responsibility of Animal Control in conjunction within these town’s jurisdictions. This ordinance will supersede all town Animal Control ordinances and shall pertain to the towns of Angier, Erwin, Coats and Lillington only. The most current Harnett County Animal Control ordinance shall also pertain to the Towns in agreement of this ordinance.