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Lillington, North Carolina

Community on the Cape Fear

Impoundment and Reclaiming of Captured Animals

(A)  Any animal within the Town without an owner, any animal running at large within the Town, or any animal whose owner fails to have the animal vaccinated in accordance with the laws of the State, or an animal appearing within the Town without a rabies vaccination tag shall be taken by Harnett County Animal Control and confined for a period of time until reclaimed by the owner with a pre-paid rabies voucher, adopted with a pre-paid rabies voucher or euthanized by the Harnett County Animal Control Department.

(B)  If any animal is not redeemed by the owner within three (3) days from the time Animal Control takes possession of the animal, the animal shall be put up for adoption or disposed of under the regulations set forth by the Harnett County Animal Control Ordinance and the North Carolina General Statutes.

(C)  In order for the owner to redeem an animal, such owner must first show that the rabies vaccination tag has been procured. In addition the owner shall pay a penalty of fifty (50) dollars for allowing the animal to run at large. The fee may be adjusted in the new fiscal years in the Harnett County Animal fees. The owner must pay daily expenses for boarding and caring for the animal.